Independence Day For Whom?


I started this on Independence Day because I, as an American, question how the hell we’ve gotten to a place as a country where we not only do not support our military, but demonize those who have suffered from their service. Sure, we show our appreciation for the service men and women who show an outwardly visible injury, the lost leg or arm, but what about those who suffer in silence? Those who have kept their scars on the inside? Those we call “crazy” or “nuts” and relegate them to the fringes of society. Now, I’ve come back to edit this to include the others who work to keep us safe, our law enforcement officers.

Too often it is too easy to label people and ignore their plight. Those struggling with mental illness, whether it is depression, anxiety, PTSD or others, are the easiest to label and forget. They are crazy, nuts, unstable. If they dare do something like stand up for themselves, the labeling is used to dismiss them and their cause or shut them down and keep them silent. Don’t believe me? Just look at the example that I wrote about regarding Jack Cunningham. A man stands up to a powerful attorney for his misconduct in office. The lawyer and his supporters, including those in government and the Courts, call him crazy to make him go away. They used his military service and resulting PTSD against him to penalize him and excuse their misconduct. Only because Jack refuses to back down is his issue being brought to light. You can read more and show your support here.

Now we see an even more evil way that labeling is being used to excuse blatant racism and hatred. The Black Lives Matter Movement was started after a few high profile issues of police misconduct were nationally overblown. Truths were overlooked or intentionally hidden and the movement incited people to hate, violence and in many cases, murder of law enforcement officers. Dallas is just the culmination of the hateful, racist rhetoric that has been spewed from them and those who support them, including high profile celebrities. But who gets blamed? The police. White people. Those who say that ALL LIVES no matter their color, creed, career or mental status, born or unborn. We are the ones “spewing hate.”

It’s been said that one day calling evil good and good evil will mean the end of our civilization. People, we are already here. People speak the truth about issues like abortion, homosexuality, racism and double standards and faith and are called evil, racist, homophobic. Labels to shut them down. Society calling something evil good doesn’t make it so. Excusing the utter and purposeful actions of a presidential candidate that were a complete violation of Federal Law a “extreme carelessness” when the ordinary citizen would be rotting in jail doesn’t make it true. Calling a man who wants to have his day in court crazy because he suffers from PTSD doesn’t make it so either.

Keeping people in silence by shaming them into acceptance of evil is wrong. Using labels to scare them into refusing to stand up for right is evil. Demonizing those who have sacrificed their time and in many cases their sanity to protect YOUR freedoms is blatantly wrong. Firing upon those who go out every day to protect us from those who would do us harm then blaming them (the victims of actual blatant racism) and excusing incitement to violence and murder as “justified” by the actions of a few bad cops is beyond evil.

It sickens me that our nation and it’s leaders join in with this blaming and incitement. It sickens me that the very people in our nation, our veterans, don’t get the help and support that they so very much deserve and have EARNED. It sickens me that too many people allow themselves to be shut down because their illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, is used against them. It sickens me that our society can’t be compassionate enough to realize that mental illness is just that, an illness. The brain is sick and it isn’t something that is chosen or that can be overcome by just “thinking happy” or being more positive. Would you tell a cancer victim to just “think happy” to battle their illness? So why is it acceptable to tell a vet suffering from PTSD or a middle class mom suffering from depression to just “get happy”?

People, it’s time to step up and speak truth. It’s time we stop backing down to hate and tell those who incite it, NO MATTER THEIR COLOR, that their hatred and incitement to violence is UNACCEPTABLE. If we don’t, we are lost.


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