The Silence is Deafening…

My last post shared a letter written to my legislators regarding the discriminatory practices of disability insurers, AFLAC in particular, against the mentally ill. I’m here to report that the silence has been deafening. Unsurprisingly so.

The Tuesday after I mailed it, Monday having been President’s Day, I received a call from the assistant for Justin Ready, my State Senator. I was surprised to get the phone call, but was gratified to hear that she was going to put the package in front of Justin by the end of the week. I’m guessing she did, since I have no reason to doubt her. Nothing since.

I received two emails from the assistant to Sue Krebs, my state Delegate. One or both of them have seemingly misunderstood my request, thinking I was asking for the legislators to get involved in making AFLAC pay up. I wasn’t and emailed back as much. Two emails later and one missed call (no voicemail), not sure where things stand, other than her initial “there is nothing more that can be done to further assist you on this issue.” Oh, but there is.

As for the rest, *chirp chirp… chirp chirp* Crickets.

I know it’s an election year, you’d have to be a hermit in a cave not to, and I realize that many of those to whom I wrote are running for their current or another seat. Bully for them. The state and country still have to be run, so how’s about doing your jobs and looking at my correspondence and RESPOND???

It is too important to too many Americans to ignore this problem. It, and I, won’t go away. My German/Scottish hard head will see to that!


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