I passed, Could You?


My US Government and History teachers would be proud. I just took a sample US citizenship test and scored a 100/100 (despite the fact that the answer to the question about the responsibility of the US Supreme Court is wrong – the correct answer is to interpret laws as they pertain to Constitutional issues. They weren’t specific enough in my opinion, but whatever!) Anyway, it got me thinking. We require people who want to live in our country legally to take this test and according to Newsweek, only 62% of naturally born Americans passed a random sample of 10 of those questions! In fact only 6% of Americans know that there are 27 Amendments to the Constitution!! Makes me want to ask my daughter, who will be graduating from high school the end of next year some of those questions and see what she’s actually learned!! (for the record, I did and she passed too!)

For a more difficult go at it, try this test. I scored 100% on that one too!

How sad is it that we require those who were not born or educated here to test to become a citizen, when our own citizens are woefully ignorant of the answers to those same questions. 62% is a failing grade if that’s what you got on a test in school… sounds like our educational system is failing miserably in educating our children about what they need to know (or what we require others to know) to be citizens. This is basic stuff, people! The questions about about our form of government, how it’s structured, who is governing us and what they are responsible for. Given the trouble we are having these days, how scary is it that most people don’t know that by changing laws passed by Congress and signed by him or previous presidents via executive orders DID mean that the President overstepped his authority? Other questions deal with our history. Who did we fight for our independence? Who were key figures in our history (that made those self same checks and balances to keep us all safe?) Questions about the Civil War, WWI and WWII… if we don’t know our own history, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again – how can we learn from them if we don’t even know what they are?

I suggest that each and every one of us should take this test and see how we stack up… and if you fail, go hit the history books. IT MATTERS! Without a working knowledge of our history, we could, and will, lose our freedoms and nation. (http://cltr.co.douglas.nv.us/Elections/100QuestionTest.htm) and see how you do on it. Comment back and let me know how you do! Then go read up on what you missed. Knowledge is power… and the people of our country need to remember that WE hold that power… if we’re smart enough to do it!

Originally posted on my old blog, edited and reposted here!


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